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On Friday, Mark enjoyed a swim at one of our local beaches, we’re very lucky to have COVID-safe access to the sea.

This week marks 5 weeks since lockdown began in England, every week sparks new challenges and it’s important focus on achievements so far.


Mark continues to work towards his own goals, of stretching his maximum cycling distance and keeping up his sea swimming. But enough about us – how are you getting on against your own goals? How can Bowra Foundation help you?


Here’s to a great week ahead, stay safe everyone.

Team Bowra.

Beautiful day for a swim in the sun, and a game of “spot the cruise ship!”


Monty Halls, former Royal Marine, Bowra Foundation Ambassador, Marine Biologist, Author and Explorer took a break between paddling and swimming for the #Bowra1000 last July to deliver an important message to veterans.


Mark invited Monty to be an Ambassador for the Foundation, because of their shared RM history, love of the sea and commitment to the veterans’ community. Monty told us the opportunity to join Team Bowra was ‘irresistible.’


Monty believes that veterans are part of a family: a brotherhood and a sisterhood and emphasised that there is a whole network of organisations set up to be there for veterans at this extremely challenging time.


Bowra Foundation brings veterans and people living with neurological disorders together to complete physical challenges and we are just one of many organisations that Veterans Foundation has funded to provide such support


• Check out our website to follow our Veterans Message Series and sign up for updates here,


You are part of a family!


Last year Mark completed the Bowra 1000 with friends, family and Bowra Foundation ambassadors. Over the course of the 1000-mile challenge, we produced weekly videos, generously funded by Veterans' Foundation


Many of the participants who appeared in the videos sent out their own messages of support to veterans who during lockdown may feel isolated and alone.


We’ve developed these into a series featuring Bowra Foundation ambassadors and supporters - several of whom are veterans themselves - sharing their thoughts on topics including


• Mindset

• Motivation

• Mental Health


Who better to kick off this series than our inspirational founder, Mark Bowra?


Huge thanks to Veterans’ Foundation for supporting us in bringing the Bowra 1000 to you when we couldn’t be together in person.

The Veterans’ Foundation has given over £4.2 million in grants to more than 250 veterans charities and projects since 2016. Members of the public can help Veterans’ Foundation by donating or playing the Veterans’ Lottery.


Find out more here:

Video series - Part One


The Bowra 1000 was Bowra Foundation’s flagship activity in 2020 and we were fortunate to have the support of Veterans' Foundation.


You may remember how gutted Mark was to cancel the original Bowra 1000 due to Lockdown 1 but with the help of Veterans’ Foundation funding, Mark was able to complete the 1000 mile challenge virtually and share it with you all.


Veterans’ Foundation supported us in creating a community of people completing their own challenges all over the country.

Since 2016, Veterans’ Foundation has supported more than 250 veterans’ charities, and provided over £4.2million in grants. Veterans’ Foundation acquires its funds through its popular national Veterans’ Lottery, which not only provides a long-term, sustainable source of funding, but also gives players the chance to win up to £25,000 in each monthly draw.


This, along with donations, has allowed the Veterans’ Foundation help fund a range of life-changing projects including those that tackle issues such as homelessness and poverty, along with providing support for men and women who still battle the physical and mental scars of their service.


Thank you to Veterans’ Foundation and all of your supporters!


The Veterans' Foundation


This afternoon at Bowra HQ we had our very first pilot call with our beneficiaries.


It gives us a great chance to interact, discuss different topics and events coming up, we hope to hold more of these calls over the year and would love for you to get involved. Sign up on our website if in the future you’d like to get involved with our future activities or calls.


Give us a wave if you're happy it's Friday!


Mark and Stu hit the road at the weekend to keep working towards Mark’s cycling goals and test out Stu’s new bike.

Things did go awry as Stu got a puncture but the “schemes” paid off, the guys had the right kit to make the necessary repairs, showing characteristic humour in adversity. 63 miles completed and Mark’s goal to continue stretching his maximum cycling distance well in hand.


Well done guys! We think Rabbie would be proud.

The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men Gang aft agley!


We’re so lucky here in Poole to have close, COVID-safe access to the sea.  At the end of another week under lockdown in England, we’re reflecting on the things we have to be grateful for and our achievements against the goals we have set ourselves.

Having made great strides in his recovery from stroke, Mark Bowra continues to set goals for further development. We’ll keep you informed on how he’s getting on stretching his maximum cycling distance and keeping up sea swimming.


In life, as in rehabilitation from neurological disorders, goals do not have to be huge to be significant and it is in charting our progress that we can make sure we stay on course.


Today, we’d love to hear how you’re getting on against your goals for 2021! How might Bowra Foundation be able to help?

Have wonderful weekends, everyone and stay safe,


Team Bowra.

Beautiful - bracing - day for a swim!


Today we introduce you to another key item you will find in the Bowra Bag, the Whiteboard.


Our whiteboard is there to help with communication when speech is difficult, it is there to help you feel understood and take away the frustration of communicating.


Mark's family used it in the early stages to get conversation started, Mark was able to show how he was feeling or if he needed anything. They drew pictures of the family and Mark was able to show who he was thinking about.

The alphabet is also printed on the top as an aid, it's great for improving handwriting.


We are here to help! The earlier we can get a Bowra Bag to someone after suffering a neurological disorder the more support we can provide.


So if you know someone that could benefit from a Bowra Bag get in touch by using our form here

What’s inside matters!


Watch the video

Throughout lockdown, Mark has been cycling regularly, working on increasing mileage.


Proud of completing 1,000 miles over the 39 day #Bowra1000 but seeking to continue to develop as a cyclist, Mark shifted focus towards stretching his maximum distance. With the additional challenge of complying with lockdown rules.


Setting goals helps trigger new behaviours, sustains momentum, and supports progression: key to fulfilment and enjoyment of any sport.


It also helps align your focus and promote a sense of self-mastery – powerful across all aspects of life. Especially with so much outside of our control in the age of COVID.


So our question to you today is, what goals have you set for yourself this week/month/year? And what are the top tips you’d like to share with the rest of the Bowra Community?


Every day brings another opportunity to pursue our goals






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