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What a great day walking around Poole Park yesterday finding a rainbow along the way, showing the true beauty of great British weather.


Having a positive mindset and practising mindfulness during the current restrictions is key to overall wellbeing.



Nature teaches us to accept change and find optimism in what appears before us.


Playing chess helps keep the competitive edge and mind working, it also engages nearly every cognitive skill. It's great for working on motor skills by moving the pieces across the board and also finger dexterity.


Chess is an awesome game to play after suffering a neurological disorder as it challenges your memory, forces you to use logic and creativity to find the best move. All of these skills are key in helping restore independence after having a stroke.

What a great morning for a game of chess


2020 - What a year


2020 was a year nobody expected, but thanks to your support The Bowra Foundation has gone from strength to strength. We got through it together - What’s Inside Matters.


This year Mark showed that with courage, determination, and cheerfulness in the face of adversity, anything is possible.


His YouTube workouts along with his physical challenges have proved an inspiration to us all and the Bowra community has grown beyond our wildest dreams. The completion of Bowra 1000 in the face of a global pandemic was an absolute triumph. We want to thank the members of the armed forces community, those living with neurological disorders along with our amazing volunteers and ambassadors who rallied round to support Mark on the epic virtual challenge from John O’Groats to Lands End.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Team Bowra - watch this space for details of BOWRA21 - Mark’s next exciting challenge and adventure.

What’s inside matters! Today we showcase our latest Bowra Bag item, the weekly planner. Short term memory can be severely affected by various neurological disorders.


Our weekly planner is a simple, effective tool that helps with memory, communication and regaining a sense of order and control over things.


Six years on from his stroke, Mark still uses it for keeping on top of medical appointments, family events and Bowra Foundation activities.

We are here to help! The earlier we can get a Bowra Bag to someone after suffering a neurological disorder the more support we can provide.


So if you know someone that could benefit from a Bowra Bag get in touch by using our form here

The Weekly Planner -

Bowra Bag contents


Watch the video

Fantastic day for a 3 mile yomp from the Bankes Arms to Old Harry Rocks and back.


Mark and Stu had some great company: Mark’s friends and fellow stroke survivors, Ali and Andrew.


Great effort from Ali - we understand this is the furthest she has walked for some time. She’s rightly proud of her achievement and so are we. What’s inside matters.


We’re planning more hikes of varying lengths and difficulties throughout 2021 so sign up on our website to get the details first.

Bankes Arms to Old Harry Rocks and back


Today we introduce you to another key item you will find in the Bowra Bag, the photo album.

Struggling with memory can cause significant frustration and difficulty for many people living with a neurological disorder.


Having pictures of his closest family in a photo album helped Mark, and his family's memory by helping spark Mark’s memory and start a conversation after his stroke. This is critical in the early stages, the earlier we can get a Bowra Bag to someone after suffering a neurological disorder the more we can help.


We are here to help!


Check out our YouTube Channel for more videos, and to see demonstrations of each Bowra Bag item. Or if you know someone that could benefit from a Bowra Bag get in touch by using our form here

What's inside matters!


Watch the video





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